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We're a team of enthusiastic engineers who are passionate about providing exceptional solutions and always make professionalism and confidentiality our top priority.

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We provide robotics and automation services to manufacturing companies throughout Australia. With several years of experience in the engineering industry, we are experts in designing and implementing automated production lines and logistics systems.

We understand that in today's fast-changing world, staying ahead of the competition requires keeping up with the latest technologies. Our goal is to serve as a reliable partner for manufacturing companies in Australia and New Zealand. If you think we can assist your business, get in touch with our team today.


We are passionate about our work and determined to exceed expectations.


Acknowledging the importance of the information we handle, our top priority is to ensure maximum confidentiality of data by maintaining professional integrity.


Our dedication to customers is total because our interests are aligned with theirs. We effectively meet their needs.


We guarantee high-quality services by utilizing cutting-edge technology, providing timely solutions, and ensuring clear communication and deliverables.

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(+61)420 784 106


18/20 Bellevue Rd,Bellevue Hill NSW 2023

Bussiness Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Albe Engineering?

  • Albe Engineering is a team of passionate and experienced engineers dedicated to providing exceptional automation solutions while prioritizing professionalism and confidentiality.

Where is Albe Engineering located?

  • Albe Engineering has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, allowing us to serve clients across Australia.

What sets Albe Engineering apart from other automation engineering companies?

  • Our commitment to unwavering dedication, confidentiality, flexibility, and a pursuit of excellence distinguishes us. We align our interests with our clients' and invest in cutting-edge technologies like PLC programming, robotics integration, and Scada systems to deliver optimal solutions.

What industries does Albe Engineering serve?

  • Albe Engineering serves a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemical, petrochemical, energy, aerospace, defense, and more. Our expertise in material handling automation, assembly line automation, and quality control systems ensures tailored solutions for various sectors.

How does Albe Engineering ensure confidentiality of client data?

  • We prioritize the maximum confidentiality of data by operating with absolute professional integrity. Our first commitment is to safeguard the sensitive information we handle.

What is Albe Engineering's approach to client communication?

  • We believe in clear and direct communication, using plain language and active verbs to ensure our clients fully understand our solutions and the benefits they provide. Whether you're in need of PLC programming, robotics integration, or Scada systems expertise, we ensure transparent communication throughout the entire process.

What types of automation solutions does Albe Engineering provide?

  • Albe Engineering offers a wide range of automation solutions, including PLC programming, robotics integration, Scada systems, industrial IoT solutions, material handling automation, assembly line automation, and quality control systems. Our expertise in industrial automation extends to every facet of your operations.

Can Albe Engineering customize automation solutions for specific business needs?

  • Absolutely. Our team is skilled at designing and implementing custom automation solutions, such as material handling automation and assembly line automation, to meet specific requirements and challenges in various industries.

How does Albe Engineering ensure the quality of its automation solutions?

  • We take great pride in surpassing industry standards and complying with all relevant regulations. Our team of expert engineers, including specialists in PLC programming and robotics integration, is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions in industrial automation.

What is Albe Engineering's commitment to continuous improvement?

  • We guarantee a very high standard of preparation and make continuous investments in cutting-edge means and technologies like Scada systems to ensure optimal, on-time solutions in the most effective way.

How can I get in touch with Albe Engineering to discuss my automation needs?

  • You can contact us through our website or by calling us at (+61) 420 784 106. Our team of automation engineers, including PLC experts, is here to discuss your specific needs and begin the process of creating a customized automation solution for your business. With a focus on industrial automation, we are well-positioned to serve your automation needs.